Emily and Dennis – This was a two part engagement session. When I met Emily and Dennis for the very first time, Emily was wearing a very strong red lipstick and her face features and hair took me back in time to the 50’s and 60’s. Right there, on the spot from that one look, an entire engagement session just went through my head and I was really hoping that she would accept it. So, when we talked about the engagement session, she had something else in mind and I accepted. But then I told them, I also had something else in mind for them, like a personal project and they went for it. And that’s how this engagement session came to life.
To make sure, nothing was missed and I get the perfect look I wanted, I went shopping for Emily’s dress. When I told her I found a dress I would like her to wear at the session she started laughing ….”you shopped for me and found me a dress??” Yup, I said. And then, I also told her the way her hair needs to be done and how to prepare. The more I talked to and after sending her the picture of the dress, the more her mind was starting seeing the big picture and I got them exited too. On the session day, we went to the Heritage Park to give the old feel look to my vision and the rest of it …. went into the Wedding Guests Album for all to see. And this is what they said…

" Eduard is a very unique and passionate photographer. He not only did the type of engagement photos we wanted but he went over and above to have us for another session and added his own touch to them. We are so happy with all of our pictures and excited to have him as our wedding photographer next year. Thank you so much! You're amazing :) "

@One Time Shot Photography - Calgary Engagement Photographer

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