Jessica and Gerard – This engagement session wasn’t going to happen but then after meeting with them for the first time, the idea of something different popped into my head and I really wanted to bring it to life - this what Jessica and Gerard had to say in their own words:

"Gerard and I had not planned on doing an engagement session because it’s always the same type of session. The couple always goes to a beautiful location and the photographer captures photos of the couple within the scenery. Once we told Eduard we did not want one he called me back and had a fantastic idea that would be different and not your typical engagement session. We were so excited with his idea and felt it represented are personalities and our love. Our engagement session turned out amazing and Eduard was able to capture a side of us that truly showed who we are as a couple. Eduard is very talented behind the camera and we were so impressed with the quality of his work. Thank you Jessica and Gerard, I’m happy you like your engagement photos session. But more than that, I’m very happy that you trusted my vision and let me recorded it."

Lougheed House Calgary Engagement

@One Time Shot Photography - Calgary Wedding Photographer - Laughee House

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