Is the Engagement Session included in your collections or we have to pay extra?

Every collection will have a complimentary Engagement Session included,  no extra fees. The reason we included it in every collection is because we want to make sure that we get to know each other before the wedding day so we can all be comfortable and relaxed when it matters most.
If your wedding is someplace else like a resort or a destination wedding  and they supply their own photographer for example but you still want me to shoot your Engagement Session, then there is a fee that you will have to pay.

How Do I Prepare For The Engagement Session?

The Engagement session is a perfect opportunity to get to know me as your photographer and for me to know you and how comfortable are you in front of the camera. But this is also a great time you get to spend time with your fiancée and take some really nice pictures that will be added to your collection of photographs to complement your wedding album.

Do You Know Great Locations For The Engagement Session?

Well, I do know some places but they may not mean anything to you or you may not be interested in those places. That is why, during our private consultation I ask questions like what you like and enjoy doing on your spare time, places you like to hang out, places you like to go visit on the weekends, etc. It is through this type of questions when together we find out what inspires the two of you and then we start looking for a place like that. A place that is memorable and makes you happy will bring out the best in both of you and this is what I want to capture.


Have shot at this venue before and are you familiar with it?

I get this question from time to time and for most people it’s not a deal breaker but for some people to some extent is important. I will not deny that I have gotten a wedding just because I had shot another wedding at the same location where this couple was getting married. But for me this is not an issue and this is why. You tell us the location where you’re getting married and the time of day for the particular portion of the event when you’ll be at that venue. Then, the month before the event I go to that location and check out other wedding set-ups, I talk to the organizer in charge for your wedding to see the configuration of the venue, I look at the lights and options for adding more if we need to and I become familiar with the overall place. The week before the wedding, I usually pay another visit at the venue but this time I go there at the exact time your ceremony will take place for example to see if there is natural light available and where it’s coming from, how hard or soft is the light and so on. I actually do the same think from one season to another even if I already know the venue since the sun is much stronger in the sun than it is in the winter. So for these reasons, not having shot another wedding at your particular venue before should not a concern for you.

What information do I need to give you before the wedding?

I usually have a questionnaire that I send out to the couple before the wedding with questions regarding details and specifics of the day which include:

- what time you start getting ready in the morning and the location where are you getting ready
- details with regards to timeline for the events happening that day like what time you have to leave to the ceremony
- time when ceremony ends, time when reception starts, etc.
- is there a receiving line after ceremony
- we ask the couple to create a list of Must Have photos for family members and friends
- what kind of transportation you use for going to the ceremony and the park for the formals
- when do you have to be back at the reception hall
- music arrangements
- information about the vendors and so on…

What is the Must Have photos list?

Being a wedding photographer for about nine years, I am very well prepared and know what photographs to take during the wedding. Whether it’s during the morning preparation, ceremony, formal pictures or during dinner and reception I can capture all those very important moments flawlessly. However, every wedding is different and although I don’t really work from a formal wedding photo list, the list we’re asking for is personal to the bride and groom. For example if you have an old and very dear grandparent you may want to have a photo with him/her on this special occasion especially if he/she has traveled a long way to honor you with his/her presence. Same goes if you have a dear childhood friend whom you only get to see once every few years, then a photo with this person would be something special to you. Think of this list as if it’s the only time (or last time) you can take a photograph with someone dear and you don’t want to lose the opportunity.

What is your photography style?

Over time, One Time Shot style has evolved more into a photo-journalistic style with focus on romantic and classic portraiture. I am a visual storyteller and tend to focus most of my energy in capturing the natural events as they occur to create your timeless wedding albums. The only time I help the bride and groom with direction is during the formal photographs where I help bring in the guests for group photos and then when I photograph the couple.

Do you offer Custom Pricing?

Yes, I do. Over time our collections have changed by adding or even removing certain options available. But all those changes were the result of changing trends, couples needs and budgets and so on. However, through all these changes I know that not all couples are the same and for some couples certain things are more important than others which is why we’re open to discuss and create custom collections and prices.

What is included in the collection base price?

I have a number of collections for couples to choose from but I want all couples to receive from us the best experience they can and in doing so to receive the most for their investment. That is why all my collections include the basics such as engagement session, the rehearsal ceremony, day of the wedding, a web gallery and high resolution digital images.

Are there any hidden fees that we have to pay after the wedding?

NO in big bold letters for all to see. I have never engaged in misleading my clients and will never do it. My prices are posted on the website and I’m very transparent with the client in this regard from the first day we meet. The process is very straight forward and usually takes place before we even sign the contract. In simple steps this is what happens:

- We meet and talk wedding details
- I describe you the collections in details and prices
- I show you the products I can offer you such as wedding albums, prints, canvases, etc.
- I show you materials, paper types, album covers and colors available, album types, etc.
- You make your decision and selection – and you can go as big or as small as you want and then and we calculate the total cost
- Final total with your selections will then be included in your contract which we both sign.

Why do we include all these details in the contract? Because this way you are protected knowing that I have to deliver what I promised you and because we can always go back to the contract and refer to it whenever we need.

If we don’t want certain options, do we get credit for them?

I am a visual storyteller and therefore, to be able to create and write your visual story I have created the basic options which can’t be altered. For example, the reason I come to the rehearsal ceremony is to help bridesmaids and especially groomsmen walk properly down the aisle. By going there and helping with this, I prevent the wedding party walking down the aisle too fast, to close one to another, covering their faces with the flowers or looking down the entire walk. In the end is you, the couple who will get better photographs and benefit from us being at the rehearsal ceremony.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I have offered payment plans in the past and I’m happy to keep doing so. The entire amount can be paid in three equal installments but has to be paid before the wedding date. The first payment will be the retainer. We do not charge interest for the payment plan.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, you have the option to purchase gift cards and give them as gifts or you can tell your guests coming to the wedding and they can purchase gift cards to give to you at the wedding as gifts. Couple of years ago for example we had a wedding where the bride and groom really wanted to have a specific wedding album but it was out of their budget. So, they told all their family and friends about the album and they all bought gift cards for them and ended up paying entirely for their album. Guest were happy also because it saved them time and effort to go shopping and scramble thinking for ideas of what gifts to buy. In the end it was a win win situation and everyone was happy.

What is a retainer and what happens if we cancel the wedding?

For me to say that your wedding date is booked two things have to happen:
   1) have the contract signed
   2) payment of the retainer
This will guarantee to you that your wedding day is locked and I will not be booking another wedding on your day. Now, all future inquiries I receive for that date I will have to turn them down by telling them that I’m no longer available. But after turning down potential clients, you decide to cancel the wedding then at that point you forfeit the retainer. If I am successful however, in booking anther client for your day, after your cancellation then I will be more than happy to return the retainer to you minus the costs (if any) incurred in preparation for your wedding prior to the cancellation.

Do you travel and shoot destination or international weddings? Do you charge extra?

Yes, I shoot international and destination weddings. Although I only shot few international weddings, I am available and love to travel for destination weddings. Typically I would charge for the travel and accommodation to the location and stay as long as the couple wants me to stay. Normally I would need to get there couple of days before the wedding so that I can scoop out the place and find the best locations for the photo session. To compensate and help with the travel costs I would offer a discount on the chosen collection but these details would have be discussed individually. So, please contact me and talk to me directly  about your destination wedding. I would love to hear from you.

How long do we have to wait for our pictures?

Typically I deliver your images in three to four weeks maximum. But, I don’t always stick to the contract. For example if I have a break and no weddings for couple of weeks then I have more time to edit your photos and that means I finish them earlier. I don’t keep them for that long just because it’s in the contract. However, under normal circumstances I have never gone over the maximum delivery time stipulated in the contract.

Do you offer wedding albums, prints, canvas or other products?

Yes, I offer a large number of options and products. The most common products I offer are wedding albums and large canvases. Couples loves them and all they say is “WOW” when they receive them. All our products are created in partnership with some of the biggest and best names in the printing industry so their quality is guaranteed to be superior to anything else out there and available to consumers. Please ask me to show you samples during our private consultation.

How many images do we receive?

I don’t have a set number of images that we give out. I strongly believe that all photographs captured at your wedding belong to you. They represent your family and friends and you should have all those images. That’s not to say that if I have 3 same images of your rings, you will get all three images. Same goes for any images that are not properly exposed (maybe flash did not fire) or out of focus. But you will receive all print quality images and fully edited regardless how many there are.

Do you charge travel fees?

It really depends where the wedding takes place. If it’s in Banff, Canmore, Kananaskis or even Lake Louise or Emerald Lake then I don’t charge travel fees. The best is to contact me and inquire directly by giving me the location of your wedding.

Do you include a second photographer or assistant?

I have the ability to add second photographers and assistants as required but that is an additional cost to you. Why do you have to pay extra? To provide you with good quality photographs you need to have good photographers taking the shots. And good photographers are not cheap and they charge for what they are worth and capable of delivering. The last thing I would want to do is promise you a second photographer and go out there and find someone with a camera pretending he/she is a photographer just to get them for free and have a whole bunch of images that are lower quality, wrong exposure, missed focus or bad composition. That will not only look poor and bad on us, but will not do any good to you expecting images that you know they have taken from different angles or of different subjects.

Do you offer wedding videography services?

I am specialized in photography and at this time we cannot offer wedding videography services. However, I will be more than happy to assist you and recommend videographers that will have the same high standards and deliver same high quality as I do.

Can you help with recommendations for other vendors?

Absolutely. I have been in the wedding industry for about nine years and know a lot of good vendors that I can refer you to. Also, please remember to check our Preferred Vendors section for additional sources.

Do you have referral fees?

Yes, I do. For every couple you refer and if they end up hiring One Time Shot Photography for their wedding you receive a 10% referral fee in the form of gift card to be redeemed in my studio towards a photo session. You may redeem this gift card yourself or give it as a gift to someone else.

Do you charge for the initial consultation?

No, I do not charge for your initial consultation. Usually we meet somewhere central in a quiet place where we will discuss about your wedding plans. I ask you all kinds of questions in an effort to get to know you as individuals and also to learn more details about your wedding. But, this is also your chance to ask me as many questions as you want to get to know me as well.

Who will be shooting our wedding?

I will be your primary photographer at the wedding. If you choose to select a second photographer then he/she will work as directed by me.

My friend is a photographer – can she take pictures at the wedding for her portfolio?

I respect everyone starting out and trying to improve or build their portfolio when they get a chance and I also respect your friendship and feeling towards this person. But at the same time, I respect my job, effort and commitment I give to you on your wedding day and cannot allow another photographer to interfere, interrupt or get in front me to get their shot at critical times. As such, if you decide you want to hire One Time Shot Photography and me to be your official wedding photographer I will respectfully deny your request to have your friend taking official pictures at your wedding.

Who will be editing our wedding photographs?

You hired me for my style that you liked on my website and you expect that your photographs will follow the same style and be at the same quality. If I were to send your images to another editor, it will take longer to edit, it will cost you more and the resulting style may not be the same. So, for this reason I will be editing all your photographs captured on your wedding day.

Do you include digital files in your collections?

Yes, you will receive two folders with your images:

- One folder will have the high-resolution images
- The second folder will have watermarked images with logo and they are sized for social media to share with family and friends.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, I always bring with me backup camera and lenses for the unforeseen situations. I carry lots of batteries and memory cards as well.

What is a Stylized Photo Session?

A Stylized Photo Session (or Trash the Dress) is an additional photo session usually the day after the wedding. It is included in almost all collections for one reason – to give you, the couple, that cover magazine shot that you’ve been dreaming about. During the wedding day most of the times the unforeseen delays happen and photography being the one portion of the event that doesn’t have a strict timelines the time scheduled for the session always gets trimmed off.
In addition to this, because we end up running late, the couple is physically with me there for the pictures but they feel they have to rush through all the poses they want to get done, they’re mind and spirit is not there but thinking at the time ticking and wondering about the venue and their guests being looked after.
So for this reason, I make sure we get the family and group shots on the wedding day since we can’t recreate them and we take as many shots of the bride and groom as we can. Then, the next day I invite you, the bride and groom to dress up again and we go to a favorite place for more photos. This time, the wedding is in the past and there is nothing else on your mind.
Please allow at least 2-3 hours for this photo session.

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