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What to wear for your Engagement Session

Are you wondering what to wear for your engagement photos and can’t decide on the colors or type of outfits? Then, you’re not alone as this is a question I get asked a lot and really there is no easy answer because most of it is based on your personality, where the engagement photos will take place, time of year, etc.

All our wedding collections include an engagement session and based on what we’ve learned from past experience and couples getting their engagement photos we created a general guideline that includes tips for What to Wear…

Wear Clothes That Makes You Feel Comfortable

Think about where you want to go for your engagement photos and what kinds of clothes would you wear on regular everyday trips there. Then make sure the clothes you choose for that day make you look at your best. The images we capture will become a legacy for you and your children who one day will look at them.

Choose Pastel And Neutral Colors

The human eye is attracted by the strong colors we see on everyday life. The same goes when we look at the photographs. For example if you wear a skirt in strong colors like red, orange, pink or neon colors the eye of the viewer will be forced to look there and that will be the first think they will see in the photo. I don’t think that you really want your skirt, blouse or socks to be the focus point on your photograph. The focus point should be your face and the expression of love. We don’t say don’t wear colors but if you do, we suggest wearing pastel, neutral and light colors that blend well in the environment allowing your face to become the center point. This will also help with the entire collection of photographs and how they will translate later in your album and incorporate with your wedding photographs as well.

Don’t Match Your Fiancée Bur Rather Complement Each Other

It’s a good idea to have a color scheme match the two of you but matching the patterns or even prints on shirts becomes very distracting and takes away from the magic. Again, the focus will be more on the clothes than on you. Also, try to stay away from very busy patterns as they can become an unnecessary addition and very distracting.


Feel free to add accessories to your outfits. Not only they complement you and add to the beauty of the overall look but they can be used to create more looks and images with the same outfit. You can bring your guitar, hat, scarf or anything else that will help you ease the stress of being photographed if that will help you.

Think Timeless Classic Rather Than Modern Trendy

Remember that trends come and go and what you like today you may not like tomorrow. And the fact that you think you look good in this outfit today, you may not think the same about that same outfit few years from now looking back on you again. Your photographs and albums will stay, nothing will change them – not even time.

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