Chelsea and Randy – remember the June floods of 2013? Well, this wedding happened in the weekend of the worst flood in Calgary.

With everything booked and organized the wedding almost didn’t happened due to flooded areas everywhere. Luckily, the grounds where the ceremony and reception took place were at a higher elevation and the rain had stopped in time for the water to stop advancing. The night before the wedding, there were more street and bridge closures and the reports coming in were not good. It looked like crossing the city from south to north was not an option. So, on the morning of the wedding I called the bride letting her know I was on my way and assuring her I will be there no matter what. And I got there as promised. As I entered the house, I could see a big sigh of relief from her and knew that she is now ready for her makeup and hair. On a positive note for that day is that most of people were staying indoor and the roads were clear of accidents and bottlenecks as well as the parking lots. Once the reception started, everyone was having fun and nothing was going to change the spirit of this wedding. What a story!

@One Time Shot Photography - Lake Louise Wedding Photographer

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